Food Sovereignty

Food is the common denominator. The ability to access nutritious food is the core element of life, connecting all things, and for human population has been the greatest component leading to the rise and fall of civilization throughout history.  Food sovereignty, the ability to choose the type of food being grown and manage the means of production has always been the surest form of food security. This is a fundamental need that going unmet creates great difficulty in meeting all other needs.  Therefore, whether through simple traditional gardening, bottle gardening in a window seal, community gardening efforts, all the way through the innovative process of vertical farming, ARK supports and actively nurtures individuals ability to have access to good whole foods through the production process at all times.

We support local agriculture initiatives such as the Alaska Commons that match people with land to farm but no capacity to farm it together with people who want to farm but don’t have access to space and resources necessary that allow for the ability to grow it.

Considering the challenges presented by agriculture in the Arctic, coupled wth the uncertainty of a rapidly changing climate we are most actively engaged in developing vertical farming infrastructure and have an active fundraising campaign to bring up speaker Dickson Despommier to educate and inspire a new generation of food production advocates, entrepreneurs, and civic leaders to develop the infrastructure that can allow our communities to grow strong together.

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