Root Values


Community-TreeThe Alliance for Reason and Knowledge, (ARK) is a grassroots 501c3 organization with a simple mission of providing educational opportunities that engage individuals and empower communities.

We come together to celebrate life and the peaceful harmony of unified diversity.

We respect indigenous people understand physics and terms like sustainability and permaculture are scientific means of creating an economic system based on generational abundance.

We accept our present is a gift from our forefathers and the inheritance we pass to our children. 

We believe in our great individual power to shape our personal and collective realities and stewardship is the price we pay for enduring liberty.

We understand the acquisition of material wealth is not the definition of happiness and consumption is not the ultimate purpose of life.

We embrace people helping people makes the world a better place, and the actions we take today are the foundation on which tomorrow is built.

We communicate a connection to the community is the root of individual health and a connection to the land is a key to staying connected with ourselves and each other.

We create technological advancements that can free our bodies from repetitive labor and a life-long love of learning to nurture generations of scientist, engineers, and artisans to explore the stars and move us boldly past the challenges of today.

We aspire to help those who are ready to be the change they wish to see in the world and bring into focus the local solutions that will enrich our individual lives and empower communities to thrive on a changing planet.  Proving through our own resilient actions, we can inspire others to make the transition from scarcity to abundance and create a legacy we can be proud to pass on.