From left to right: Kimberly Winters, Susan Fenner, Amanda Carrol, Robert Shields Peggy Beagle, Jessie Huff, and Pat Bortner.

The Alliance for Reason and Knowledge (ARK) was founded in Fairbanks, Alaska as a 501c3 organization in 2010 by a small group of dedicated individuals determined to change the world. For the last seven years, many good people have contributed to our growth and continuing education as we have, through trial error, failure, and success worked diligently to find our place in the community. To develop our own niche on how we can work with other organizations and how we can utilize our particular skills and talents to make a positive lasting contribution to the see Alaska thrive by utilizing the most precious natural resource we have, the educated and engaged minds, hearts, and spirits of the people of this great state. And through our resilient ability to adapt to a changing climate, provide an example to the rest of the planet on how through economic solutions to core issues of energy independence, zero waste, and food sovereignty, we as a species can rise to the occasion, address the challenges of our culture, and plant the seeds of a sustainable tomorrow by achieving the ultimate goal of generational prosperity.